Nozomi Sasaki, PhD, MPH

Research Associate

Nozomi Sasaki accepted her position as postdoctoral associate in 2023. She works primarily with the Oral Health Workforce Research Center (OHWRC), conducting research and assisting with data analysis. Her focus is on understanding the relationships between oral health and pregnancy outcomes. Ms. Sasaki specializes in quantitative data analysis using statistical language R and SAS, as well as geospatial analysis with R, GIS, and QGIS. In addition to working at CHWS, Nozomi also works at the Institute for Health and Environment, where she conducts research to identify relationships between exposure to environmental toxicants and cognitive function. Nozomi has published award-winning research papers, including the 2022 Environmental Monitoring and Contaminants Research: Paper of the Year in Environmental Chemistry, and the 2023 Editorial Board Member’s Collection Series, Environmental Epidemiology and Spatial Epidemiology. She has a PhD and MPH in Environmental Health Science.