Study of Dental Public Health (DPH) Training and Career Retention

UCSF researchers conducted a study of dental public health (DPH) students’ perceptions of their educational experience. The American Board of Dental Public Health (ABDPH) is conducting a survey of DPH graduates’ use of their competencies and career planning, as well as interviews with program directors and current residents. This research study will build on data collected across these current studies to examine strategic and practical options to enhance investment in formal DPH training. Issues to be examined include board certification, retention, and job success of DPH graduates, as well as oral health workforce diversity.

This study will be conducted in partnership with ABDPH. OHWRC researchers will conduct a literature review on the DPH workforce and a summative analysis of findings from the recent surveys and interviews to form a set of stakeholder interview guides. Focus groups will be conducted of board members, field members (ie, AAPHD, ASTDD, ADHA), program directors, and other dental public health stakeholders. The final technical report will provide a current, comprehensive examination of strengths and challenges for the DPH workforce and recommendations for future actions.