Post-COVID-19 Workforce Impacts: Oral Health Workforce Burnout and Contributing Factors

This project will evaluate the level of burnout among active dentists and dental hygienists and will assess potential contributing factors. The proposed project builds on our previous research focusing on organizational strategies contributing to workplace satisfaction, recruitment, and retention among the oral health workforce. The researchers at the OHWRC will assist in the development a survey to collect information about clinician burnout using the work-related burnout scale of the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory, as well as information on practice characteristics, staffing needs, career plans, demographics, and family characteristics. The survey will be targeting a nationally representative sample of dentists and dental hygienists and be conducted online by the CareQuest Institute for Oral Health. Researchers at the OHWRC will analyze the data from the survey and prepare one or more manuscripts based on the findings. The project will also engage the ADA HPI and the ADHA in survey development, sampling, and manuscript preparation.