Margaret Langelier, MSHSA

Co-Deputy Director

Ms. Langelier serves as a co-deputy director for OHWRC. Ms. Langelier has also served as a program research specialist at the New York Center for Health Workforce Studies (CHWS) for nearly two decades, where she has been responsible for supervising staff and coordinating of all aspects of project workflow. During her tenure, Ms. Langelier has been lead staff or the principal investigator on numerous research projects about the allied health and oral health workforce. She has completed studies examining professional scope of practice for various professions as well as comprehensive studies of multiple health workforces. In recent years, Ms. Langelier has coordinated several state level oral health studies that included extensive literature reviews. She brings strong skills of organizing and conducting face-to-face or telephone interviews, focus groups, and other fieldwork related to project work. Ms. Langelier has considerable knowledge of survey design, sampling techniques, survey administration, data compilation, and report writing.